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Yuri Galitsyn - Logo Designer

Yuri Galitsyn, also known as Gal Yuri, was a Graphic Designer and Illustrator from Kiev, Ukraine.

From 1983 he studied book drawing at the Higher Polygraphic Institute in Kiev. The country was still under Soviet control at the time. Despite the then current policies of perestroika and glasnost, Ukraine did not formally gain independence until 1991.

Galitsyn is known chiefly for his branding and logo projects. A huge array of Yuri’s work can be found on his Dribble profile.

Galitsyn passed away unexpectedly in late 2012, after a short illness. He was 40 years old.

yuri galitsyn tiger logo design
yuri galitsyn lincoln

Yuri Galitsyn – A Logo Design Legacy

Galitsyn left behind a huge body of work. His work often featured animals including fish, birds, tigers, deer and quite a few dogs. In some cases, vehicles or humans feature, notably Abraham Lincoln. Always, with Gal’s own, personal style.

yuri galitsyn logo design
logos of gal yuri
yuri galitsyn logos

Yuri Galitsyn’s logo designs are highly distinct. His work is reminiscent of letterpress or woodcuts. Furthermore, clever use of line weight creates light and shade, dynamism and depth. As a result, Galitsyn was able to work in a single colour whilst still retaining detail.

Colour choices are often muted browns, greys or turquoise – with the odd highlight of orange or yellow. Flat, one colour logos are great if the design is to be printed in monochrome, such as a newspaper.

Ultimately, the work is both contemporary yet traditional. A sense of timelessness is clear. A quality much desired in logo design.

Yuri Galitsyn – Animal Logos

Yuri was famous for his logos of animals. A select few are shown here, however for more please visit his Dribble.

yuri galitsyn logo designer
russian logo design
gal yuri logo design
yuri galitsyn rhino
yuri galitsyn dog
yuri galitsyn camel
yuri galitsyn marlin
yuri galitsym dodo
gal yuri gorilla

The design world was shocked to hear of Galitsyn’s death in 2012. His loss to the industry was mourned the world over. His friend, Gert van Duinen, led the tributes, stating, “To me he was a milestone in illustrative design”. Over two hundred other artists also commented on the sad news.

Now, five years on, his work remains impactful, unique and, above all, memorable. A fitting legacy indeed.

Rest in peace, Gal Yuri, and thank you.

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