A web designer without a beard?

Don't Panic!

A web designer without a beard?

Don't Panic!

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How's it going"?

I’m Ben and I’m the creative collosus behind Cubicle.

Born in Oldham and raised in Saddleworth, I’ve always had a passion for creativity. This passion led me to study Visual Art under the eminent photorealist painter Clive Head. It was around this time I stumbled upon a little known computer program known as Adobe Photoshop.

That was then… I’ve been making graphics and building websites for quite a while now.

In addition to my digital skills, I use the academic knowledge of a trained artist to create beautiful, responsive websites.


Cubicle’s mission is to provide awesome design that empowers people to engage with the subject. Whether that be company, product or person.


I believe all websites should be beautiful and affordable. Slick web design isn’t just for the big boys. The smallest enterprise should be entitled to great design too.

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