Manchester Illustrators And Artworkers

Manchester illustrators have always been well respected for the awesome work they produce.

I always relish an illustration project, due to my background in fine arts. I was born drawing.


I use an array of techniques depending on the brief. Some projects call for “old school” drawing methods, such as pen and ink. Mostly, I work digitally, to achieve watercolour or oil paint style results. Furthermore, some projects call for a mix of illustration in addition to photo editing. Likewise, the work can be styled to look either digital or more realistic. Where I can, my own reference photos are used.

A range of my illustration work is featured below. Finally, both client work and personal projects make up the work on this page.

Looking For Manchester Illustrators?

Hi. My name’s Ben. I’m a designer and illustrator based in Manchester. I also build websites.

I can work in a range of different visual styles. My influences include Olivier Kugler and Grzegorz Domaradzki. In addition to Manchester Illustrators Ben Lamb and Matthew Hollings. In conclusion, if unique and eye-catching illustration would benefit your next project, I can help. Let’s talk. I’d love to hear from you.