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Free Texture Tuesday

Photoshop Textures from Cubicle Creative

“Free Textures” you say? Yes! Every Tuesday we’ll be giving away another high resolution texture image for use in your design projects. Free of charge. Gratis.

This weeks free texture is a mottled, marble, perfect for use in photo manipulation projects.

Download the full sized image below.

free marble texture

How To Use Textures In Photoshop Or Illustrator

High resolution photographs are perfect to use as textures in Photoshop and Illustrator.

The image can be used as is, however converting it into black and white in Photoshop can also be beneficial.

Drag the image into your canvas or artboard, and experiment with different blending modes and opacities. Depending on the image, effective blending modes for distressing artwork are Multiply, Overlay and Screen. In addition, several layers of textures with different blending modes can be built up. Layer masks can also be used, lessening the intensity of the texture if desired.

Finally,for more Free Photoshop Textures, come back every Tuesday.

More free textures will be uploaded over the coming weeks. A DSLR Camera was used to photograph the images. Furthermore, these free photoshop textures are provided in the highest resolution available. Look out for free PS textures of wood, metal, concrete and marble. In addition to decollage textures, brickwork and old paper.