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trail tools logo design.

logo design for an ecommerce website.


Trail Tools is an ecommerce company that serves the mountain bike industry.

Providing the tools and training required to build mountain bike trails, Trail Tools hopes to establish itself as a market leader in Europe.


The project began with thorough research of the mountain bike industry, specifically trail building and maintenance. More general research in outdoor pursuits was also conducted.

Mood boards and initial sketches were drawn up to determine the direction to take.

The challenge was to represent both the building and riding of trails in a succinct way. The design also needed to be scalable, from a small app icon up to large print sizes.



The finished logo features mountains, a trail and a shovel, all rendered in one unbroken line.

The continuous line provides form without making the icon too cluttered, it also scales well and can be rendered across a variety of media.

A bold orange was selected for the logo. Orange is the colour of energy and therefore fits with the pursuit of mountain biking.

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